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Purnakumbha - Shunyakumbha

Purnakumbha - Shunyakumbha

Subodh Kerkar


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Medium: Fibreglass and recycled tyres

Size: 250 cm x 240 cm x 240 cm (each)

Year: 2014

Purna Kumbha’, (a copper pot filled with water, adorned with a coconut and mango leaves) is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in India. Thousands of these pots are worshipped at Kumbh Melas. A picture of Purnakumbha is painted on the back of every truck and the front page of every account book and a safe. The artist asked himself, ‘Do we really have wealth and prosperity in India?’ The answer is, ‘we have great disparity’. We have great wealth and great poverty. We have mars expeditions and superstitions. We have some world - renowned educational institutions along with 25% illiteracy. We have floods and draughts. This is a country of great paradoxes. The artist created two pots, and one is placed upside down. It is a country of ‘the full pot’ and ‘the empty pot’. THE PURNAKUMBHA AND THE SHUNYAKUMBHA.    

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