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Mandvi Mandala 03

Mandvi Mandala 03

Subodh Kerkar


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Medium: Planks of old wooden dhows from Mandvi, ceramic plate immersed in the ocean (with oysters grown on the surface), iron nails and pearls

Size: 110 cm in diameter x 16 cm thick 

Year: 2020

This disc is created using wood from old dhows from the port of Mandvi in Kutch, Gujarat. These dhows must have sailed to the African coast, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Gujaratis believe that the nails from these dhows bring good omen. I have added a few nails to this work of art. I created a ceramic plate with patterns of shells and kept it immersed in the ocean for 2 years. Oyster shells developed on it. I added real pearls to it. The plate appears like the moon; the creator of the tides.   



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