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Katreacho Pao - The Goan Bread 01

Katreacho Pao - The Goan Bread 01

Subodh Kerkar


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Medium: Fibreglass and recycled tyres                                                                                   

Size: 220 cm x 165 cm x 60 cm                                                                                                 

Year: 2014

The Goan bread is very special and is popular amongst all communities today. Mixed Bhaji Pao (vegetable and bread) is Goa’s state breakfast. Bread was introduced to Goa by the Portuguese. They used toddy for fermenting the dough. Hindus did not eat bread because it was considered Christian food. The Portuguese also used bread as a ‘conversion’ agent. A piece of bread thrown into a Hindu well was enough to baptize the whole family. Goa is perhaps the only place in the country, where the baker visits every home twice a day with fresh bread in a basket mounted on his bicycle. There are four major varieties of bread: pao, poli, kankan (bangle bread) and katreacho pao.


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