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Gandhi’s Heart Sounds

Gandhi’s Heart Sounds

Subodh Kerkar


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Medium: Multimedia


Size: NA 

Year: 2020

A few years ago, Subodh Kerkar walked into the office of Dr. Annamalai, the director of the National Gandhi Museum. Tushar Gandhi the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi had spoken to him about his ongoing ‘Reclaiming Gandhi’ project, which involves artists from around the world engaging with the Mahatma in their work. Dr. Annamalai then produced Gandhiji’s original medical file, which, apart from many blood and urine reports contained a few electrocardiograms. As a doctor fascinated with the intersection of biology and physics, the artist was thrilled to discover that he could convert the ECGs into a sonic rendering of what Gandhiji’s heart might have sounded like. He then created an animation of Gandhi’s sculpture. Every minute the Mahatma gives you a faint smile of compassion.

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